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Pop star Enrique Iglesias wanted her for the video of his smash hit ‘Bailando’, and now Ana Karla Suarez is known worldwide.
Her role models: a Cuban actress like herself and an Italian presenter. Guess who?
She hasn’t yet turned 20 years old, she has been dancing since the age of 10 and she has already fulfilled a (lifelong) dream.
Ana Karla Suarez, protagonist of the one of the most viewed videos of Enrique Iglesias ‘Bailando’, talks to Grazia about her fortunate life.

How was it working with Enrique Iglesias?
“An incredible experience. He’s a sensitive guy and always makes you feel at ease. He kept saying ‘Smile, don’t ever be too serious: it’s the right way to deal with life.”

How does it feel to have been seen by more than 600 million people?
“I still can’t believe it. Who would have ever imagined that we would have had success in countries like China and Korea? Everyone has been left astonished by this outcome. Apart from my friends, who continue to treat me as they always have.

Would you like to follow in the steps of actress Eva Mendes, who is also Cuban?
“If only! Eva is an example to follow: I would also love to act”

Do Cubans have that extra ‘oomph’?
“I think so: we are intelligent, sensual and ready to sacrifice everything if it means being able to take care of our families and work.”

Any other role models?
“Alicia Alonso, a living legend of dance. Among the Italians, I adore Laura Pausini and Eros
Ramazzotti. And also Carlo Conti: he is so professional! It would be wonderful to work in Italy.”

Would you leave your family and boyfriend in Cuba earn a chance to perform at Sanremo?
“For now my family follows me, and I’m not thinking about love. My priority at the moment is to establish myself in the dance world”

Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses
“I find it difficult to trust people, but once I open up, I give my all and can be really sweet.”

An article by Claudia Catalli for Grazia.

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