Interview with ‘La Nazione’


On December 15, 2014 at 11 o’clock am, I was interviewed by a journalist from the newspaper ‘La Nazione’ in relation to Enrique Iglesias’s video ‘Bailando’. In the interview I spoke about my artistic formation as a flamenco dancer, my personal background and about the responsibility I feel I hold in representing the dance of my country.

In the aforementioned video, you can see a brief demonstration of flamenco dance moves.

I can’t quite express the joy and pride I feel to have been so appreciated. I hope that this new Italian adventure will be an experience that allows me to grow and mature in both my dance career and my personal life.

I miss Cuba; but Italy is warm, welcoming, and really makes me feel at home!

I would like to thank my family, who have supported me throughout my journey and don’t ever let me feel alone when facing the difficulties that cross my path. Since I was little my parents have always encouraged me and taught me never to give up, and above all to see obstacles as a opportunities to improve and enrich myself as a person.

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