Ana Karla Suarez was born in Havana, Cuba on the 7th of July 1995, the daughter of Carlos Alberto Suarez and Dania Lima. She has always lived in Alamar, a well-known area which lies just fifteen minute east of the city centre – half way between Havana and the ‘Playas del Este’ beaches.

There she attended elementary school and some of middle school, before transferring to the Jinete Chullima School in Old Havana, so that she could take lessons in ballet, which she had already started learning, at the Lizt Alfonso Company. After continuing with high school in Old Havana, and thanks to her hard work and commitment at the Lizt Alfonso Dance Company, she subsequently obtained her diploma as a dancer, specialized in dance fusion.

Ana Karla has had an undeniable passion for dance since the age of four when she took her first lessons in her neighbourhood of Alamar, with her dance teacher Tamara Rodriguez. Her mother Dania understood straight away that dance was not just an occasional pastime for Ana, but a real passion and from the beginning has been a source of encouragement and support for Ana in her artistic endeavours.

With the sheer will and dedication typical of her personality, Ana Karla found a place in the spotlight right away, performing in her first shows and recitals in museums, schools and cultural circuits until earning a place in more important shows, such as those organized in the ‘Gran Teatro de La Habana’ (Great Theatre of Havana) in the occasion of the various editions of the Spanish Dance Festival ‘La Huella de Espana’, and participating in intensive summer courses organized at the time by the ‘Baletto Spagnolo di Cuba’.

Her passion grew alongside her artistic ability, revealing an increasingly evident predilection for Flamenco music and dance.

At the age of nine she decided, with the consent and support of family and friends, to participate in a summer course at the Lizt Alfonso dance company. This was a ‘eureka’ moment, convincing her that she had found the path she was destined to follow.

Consequently, she enrolled permanently at the Lizt Alfonso school and received all levels of specialized training, spending two years in the basic ‘Taller Vocacional’ school, three in the ‘Children’s dance body’, a further two in the ‘Juvenile dance body’ and a final three years in the Artistic Teaching body; the group which is the driving force behind the Lizt Alfonso Ballet.

Pursuant to the particular educational philosophy of the school, from the age of eleven Ana Karla had to participate in performances held by the company: including the musical VIDA which was conceived and directed by Lizt Alfonso himself, and subsequently the musical AMIGAS in the various productions staged in the main theatres of/most important theatres in Havana.

She also participated in numerous Lizt Alfonso Ballet tours in major theatres all over Cuba.

Ana Karla’s passion for flamenco managed to ensure her a place in the most desirable and prestigious dance career path in Cuba , allowing her to finally fulfil her potential and work at the level of international excellence which she has, since the beginning, deservedly strived for.

At the end of October 2013, Lizt Alfonso was asked to create a choreography for a music video that Descemer Bueno, a Cuban singer, wanted to actualize. At the casting for which took place in the building of the dance company, one of the dancers -almost shy and slightly apart from the other girls - immediately caught the eye of director, Alejandro Perez, who called her over and immediately appointed her as the protagonist for the video in question: that dancer was Ana Karla. On her, the shoes fit just right and like a sort of Cuban Cinderella, Ana found herself catapulted into one of the most successful Latin music videos of time, as an artistic partner alongside the legendary Enrique Iglesias.

A fairy tale which started at the age of four, developed with her admission to the Lizt Alfonso Ballet company and continued with the extraordinary interpretation of ‘Bailando’ alongside Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno and Gente d Zona: a video and song which have earned multiple prestigious awards everywhere, among which three Latin Grammys.

An extraordinary artist with the support of a wonderful family, for Ana Karla Suarez the real adventure has yet to begin.

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  • 07/07
    Born in Havana (Cuba); Carlos Alberto Suarez and Dania Lima's daughter.
    0-1 years old
  • 01
    First dance lessons with Tamara Rodriguez.
    4 years old
  • 07
    She enters in Lizt Alfonso School.
    Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba
  • 04
    Starring in Lizt Alfonso's musical VIDA and AMIGAS.
    Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba
  • 08
    Starring Dancer in Enrique Iglesias' video "Bailando".